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With over 20 years of proficient experience and depth knowledge of the MICE area, it is the mission of Forum d’Ideias to provide our customers, in total transparency, with top quality services. Through effective listening, we support them throughout the process, to meet deadlines based on a superior industry and destination knowledge and at the end, promote relationships and share knowledge, through memorable events and experiences.

This is the attitude we have towards our profession, our core values of integrity, responsibility and discipline, our resilience and a genuine enthusiasm by what we do and with whom we work.

Forum d’Ideias has reinforced its commitment to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) by adding Sustainability as a core value.

And because we know that small details make a big difference (on a global scale), our commitment is, in our proportion, to contribute to a more balanced future in economic, social and environmental terms.

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About Us
About Us


Forum d’Ideias is a creative agency specialized in corporate events, scientific symposia, international conferences and meetings in the fields of Professional Conference Management, Event Management, Destination Management and Venue Finding Solutions.

We create innovative solutions for your face-to-face, virtual or hybrid event, incorporating the latest technology to your event.

a unique destination

About Portugal
About Portugal
Discover Portugal


Portugal is the perfect destination for your event as it offers a unique diverse and exciting range of cultures, climates and landscapes; from the sunny white-sand beaches of Algarve, the restful Alentejo, the gorgeous sceneries, art and culture from greater Lisbon, the Center and the North of Portugal to the tropical Madeira Islands and the one-of-a-kind Azores Islands.

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The Future of Corporate Events: Sustainability, Quality, and Flexibility
The Future of Corporate Events: Sustainability, Quality, and Flexibility

In a world that's constantly changing, the organization of corporate events faces new challenges every day. From logistics to communication with suppliers, the ability to adapt and innovate is more crucial than ever. In this post, we will explore three pillars that we consider fundamental for success in the events industry: Sustainability, Quality of Service, and Flexibility.

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Explore Porto with Forum d'Ideias: Your Premier Destination Management Company (DMC)
Explore Porto with Forum d'Ideias: Your Premier Destination Management Company (DMC)

Porto, Portugal's second city, is a vibrant tapestry of rich history, cultural depth, and modern innovation, making it an alluring destination for both corporate and leisure events. The city's unique blend of traditional charm and contemporary flair offers an ideal backdrop for unforgettable events. With the expertise of a seasoned Destination Management Company (DMC) like Forum d'Ideias, event planners and corporations can unlock the full potential of Porto, ensuring an experience tailored to their specific needs and aspirations.

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