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Portugal offers a unique diverse and exciting range of cultures, climates and landscapes; from the sunny white-sand beaches of Algarve, the restful Alentejo, the gorgeous sceneries of the Center and North to the tropical Madeira Islands and the one-of-a-kind Azores Islands.

Portugal invites you to come and to experience its culture, traditions and friendly people. Speaking about identity to be Portuguese is to be sociable, warm-hearted, imaginative, sentimental, and open to the world.

We are above all citizens of the world Poets and architects, scientists or musicians; the Portuguese talent continues to spread throughout the world. The Portuguese language therefore has no boundaries and is spoken by more than 200 million people, of all races and latitudes.

In resume, Portugal is a unique destination: no other country in Europe can offer so much diversity within such sort distances. A destination with sunshine and the Atlantic Ocean, the history of all the continents concentrated in just one place, a people who speak everyone’s language because they speak the universal language of emotion.

We cannot wait to show you Portugal!


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